Eugene Von Bruenchenhein

Eugene Von Bruenchenhein (1910-1983, USA)

Eugene Von Bruenchenhein believed himself to be possessed by a spirit of creativity called "Gene" (a combination of Eugene and Genius). After his death, a staggering number of artworks created during a 40-year span were discovered stashed from his house in Milwaukee: erotic pin-up style photos of his beloved muse and wife, Marie, taken during the 1940's, apocalyptic oil paintings inspired by nuclear tests at Bikini Atoll from the 1950's, and extraordinary sculptures of chairs and towers made from chicken bones along with ceramic crowns and vases in the 1960's. Von Bruenchenhein expressed his fathomless artistic effervescence by moving freely across mediums and inventing unique techniques. Experimenting with available materials, he continued to frame the versatile artistic vision that embodied his boundless imagination and energy until his death at age 73.


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