Junko Yamamoto

Junko Yamamoto (1972, Japan)

The work of Junko Yamamoto fascinates us with its brilliantly simplified form, unrestricted color choice, audacious two-dimensional design, and process requiring subtle sense of touch. These characteristics may have something to do with her autism. Some autistic persons excel in visual memory; they can record and replay certain images as if they have a digital camera inside their brain. It is also said that autistic people have extremely sensitive sense of touch. Because her mother was involved in handicraft work at home, Junko grew up observing her mother's sewing, their home full of material. One day, she picked up some pieces of felt in her favorite colors and surprised her family by suddenly starting appliques. Her themes include food, kitchen gadgets, hardware etc. She remembers these artifacts of everyday life or from art books or magazines, and cuts them from felt fabrics without any hesitation. Instead of verbal communications that are not her strength, Junko presents a "felt" world of felts.


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