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Gene Mann: Au dela des mots
Gene Mann: Au delà des mots
Gene Mann: Le souffle de l'aube. 2011. Mixed media on canvas.
30 x 30 cm. 11 7/8 x 11 7/8 in.
December 4 - 21, 2012


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For December 2012, Yukiko Koide Presents will exhibit the work of the French artist, Gene Mann. Born in 1953 in Grenoble, the self-taught artist resides in Geneva, Switzerland.


Mann's work embodies a primitive countenance. She prefers the rough textures of rugged rocks and gritty sand, un-quarried by the incisive French language. Mann deftly captures the raw, primeval emotions -- the uninhibited cries, the laughter, and the sighs -- moments before one can express them in words. One can compare Mann with other self-taught Francophone artists such as Louis Soutter, Gaston Chaissac, and Michel Nedjar, known for their archaic portraits.


The works praised in Geneva, New York, and Kyoto will be exhibited in Tokyo for the first time, including the hand made book series entitled "Beyond Words" and selected pieces from the "Face" series.


In collaboration with Galerie Miyawaki, Kyoto

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