exhibition : 2017
exhibition title
Hedeaki Yoshikawa: Me Me Hana Kuchi (Eye, Eye, Nose, Mouth), 2015-17, fired clay
September 7 - November 7, 2017
Creative Growth Art Center
355 24th Street
Oakland, CA 94612

Autumn starts from California.
In an exploration of what it means to labor creatively, Yukiko Koide brings together work by six artists from Creative Growth Art Center, Oakland, California and six artists from Atelier Yamanami in Shiga, Japan; both creative spaces for adults with disabilities that are renowned for nourishing and producing outstanding artists.
Labor of Love might be translated to "manual work of love" in Japanese. It is a manual work without looking for any return and with inherent joy of continuously working by itself. While it appears simple and anyone can do it, it is indeed an idiosyncratic and very private manual work. The inner essence of each creator slowly emerges through astounding concentration and continuity. We would like to ponder the initiation of arts by featuring "manual work of love" of 12 creators from the two facilities.
Lobor of Love includes work by Momoka Imura, Kazumi Kamae, Yumiko Kawai, Masayo Takiguchi, Ai Yamamoto, and Hideaki Yoshikawa from Atelier Yamanami alongside Creative Growth artists Susan Janow, Dan Miller, Carrie Oyama, Tony Pedemonte, Barry Reagan and Monica Valentine.

Curated by Yukiko Koide, in cooperation with Atelier Yamanami
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