Metropolitan Pavilion, New York
February 29 – March 3, 2024


We are pleased to anounce our participation in Outsider Art Fair New York, now in its 32nd edition. When it was inaugurated in 1993, the works of this field were regarded as somehow inferior or odd. It is amazing to see how that perception has evolved over the last three decades. Today, Outsider Art constitutes one of the front lines in contemporary art. To put it differently, it is Avant-Garde.

This year we will exhibit some of our longtime favorite artists whose works are highly tactile: the delicate paper-cuttings of Yuki Fujioka, Giuseppe Iacopetta’s papier- mâché creations, monstrous plushies from Nana Yamazaki, luminous object made of pins and sequins by Monica Valentine, along with the chimeric drawings of Yuichiro Ukai. We will also be offering a small presentation having the theme of “Drawing Meditation.”

We are looking forward to welcoming you.
Please visit us at booth A11.

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