Yukiko Koide started her career as an independent curator in both Tokyo and Chicago in 1990. A pioneering figure in the fields of outsider art and art brut, she has organized numerous exhibitions for artists such as Bill Traylor (The Ginza Art Space, 1992), Judith Scott (Shiseido Gallery, 2001), Henry Darger (Laforet Museum Harajuku, 2011), and many others.
In 2000, she established the Tokyo office of Yukiko Koide Presents, and in 2003, partially converted it into a gallery space, organizing exhibitions that both bridged genres and overcame hierarchies. Since 2006, she has been participating in the Outsider Art Fair overseas in New York and Paris, introducing artists from both Japan and abroad.
Her ultimate goal is to explore the origins of art making going beyond divisions such as ethnicity, gender, academic background, and disability.